Take advantage of our snorkeling trips, offering a huge variety of snorkeling sites including the mangroves plantations where you can see all the juvenile population of sea life also explore snorkeling sites like the shipwreck Prince Albert and the reef around Roatan.

The Meso-American reef; extended across 1,000 kilometers and home to more than 65 species of stony coral, 350 species of mollusk, and over 500 species of fish that we visit daily with divers or snorkelers. Our reef is also home of the mystic whale shark, hammer heads, sea turtles and the black coral.

Our reef has a mini wall where you will meet the majority of adult sea life.


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  • Include:

    1 hour snorkeling by boat, 

    Snorkel guide (Divemaster or Instructor)

    Tropical Fruit,

    Drinking water (purified water)


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