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Our staff is passionate for the underwater world and would love to share that experience with you! Whether you are kayaking, snorkeling or diving, we guarantee to take you to our top sites for maximum adventure. Our dive boat, Shamrock, has the capacity to equip up to 8 divers, including your expert guides, with two tanks a person. Shamrock can reach up to 25 mph to ensure your boat trip is as quick as possible to the world-renowned sites!

Meet The Team!

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Edwen is originally from the Bay Islands and comes from a family of divers. A PADI professional since 2010, Edwen has worked in different Dive Centers, aboard Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, and with luxury, private yachts throughout the Caribbean. He is knowledgeable and passionate for the underwater world and would love to share his experience with you.

His mantra:

"Scuba diving is not just a sport, it's a life style".




Melvin is from Juticalpa, a spanish speaking village, in the Bay Island's. He's been diving since 2013 when he participated in a Dive-Master Internship Program, then becoming a Diving Instructor in 2014. His passion for diving and mechanical skills make him a valuable member of our team. He can do it all: teach PADI courses, Captain our dive boat Shamrock, and all the repairs needed to keep the operation smooth.

Melvin's passion for diving is one of the many reasons our guest love to keep talking to him!

He's been diving around Roatan for the last 5 years, he would point out main attractions of the dive sites, share a few local stories and 

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Soon after Shannon learned how to walk, she was in the pool swimming like a little fish. She dreamed of becoming a real mermaid and in 2010, her dream became a reality when she went scuba diving for the first time. Diving along side a shipwreck off the coast of Brazil, scanning the blue ocean for sea life, she knew she was finally home. Shannon has since sought after the best diving sites in the world from Honduras to the Philippines, always ready for the next great adventure. She is so excited to plant some roots in the Bay Islands to offer the same amazing opportunities she has had to divers looking for the dive of a lifetime. It was here she took her first night dive and cried in pure joy at the beauty beneath the surface.  She can't wait to show you around!

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