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Frequently questions and answers

Why should you start diving and exploring the underwater world with us:

We are passionate dive professionals who love what we do and would love to share our passion with you, plus we are fun people to learn with. We are proud to say that are our family been guiding scuba divers since 1987 and we have been on their footprints for over 9 years sharing our experiences, techniques and knowledge to help you in every step of the way to get your PADI certification.

Below are a few questions that may help you understand the what you have to do to go diving?

Is it complicated?

The PADI learning system is design for everybody, You will get a manual to read, you will have a video that will show you what they mean in the book, than you will go to confined water to practice what you have learn before you apply that knowledge in the open ocean.

How long will it take?

The course can be done as quick as 3 days or it can take as long as you want, the reason behind it is that you are on holiday and you can let us know the time frame you have and our team will accommodate the course around that time.

do I have to study the full book?

Is all up to you on what level you want to get you have options, we always recommend to get the books ahead of time so once you are on holidays you don't have to study hard just have left the confined water, open water and the exams

how long until I can breath underwater?

As soon as you fill the paperwork and get the orientation, if you want to start with the PADI Discover Scuba Diving 

is it dangerous?

Scuba diving is not dangerous as long as a diver seeks thorough training, follows safe diving guidelines, uses proper gear, and dives within his experience leve

On your right is the PADI evolve diagram where you can find out:

  • where to start.

  • What courses you can sign up for.

  • Next adventure.




  • 4 hours course

  • 1 Scuba dive the same day.

  • The credit for this experience can be used for later classes.

  • PADI professional with you at all times


  • 10 years old

  • Clearance on medical questionary

Ask about a FREE Discover Scuba experience in the beach!

If you have never been scuba diving before, now is the time to do an introductory dive on Roatan’s spectacular coral reef!  The DSD program allows those who have never tried it to safely experience the thrill of scuba diving under the close supervision of an experienced PADI Instructor.  You will first watch a short video followed by a brief orientation from your Instructor.  Next you will practice a few basic skills in the beach before you go on an actual open water boat dive, seeing and experiencing the underwater world like never before!  This experience may change your lifestyle forever!

PRICE: $95




  • 1/2 of the Open Water Diver course

  • 2 open water dives

  • 3 confined waters

  • allow you to go 40ft/12 mts with a PADI professional

  • PADI Certification card


  • 10 years old

  • Clearance on medical questionary

If you don’t have enough time to take a full certification course, or you don’t want to dive without the supervision of a Divemaster or Instructor, PADI Scuba Diver Course is the right choice for you!  During this course you will learn and practice some basic dive knowledge and skills in the swimming pool, following which you would have two Open Water training dives.

This course can be done in only two days.

After the course you will be issued a PADI Scuba Diver Certification Card.  The Scuba Diver certification allows you dive under the supervision of a Divemaster to a maximum depth of 40 feet.  It can be upgraded to the full Open Water certification at any time in the future!

PRICE: $295


Aviary Photo_131559648501963392.png


  • lifetime certification

  • obtain air fills

  • rent or purchase scuba dive equipment

  • allow you to go 60ft/18 mts

  • can go diving with another certified diver


  • 10 years old

  • Clearance on medical questionary

PADI Open Water Diver Course 

Is the most popular diver program in the world – and your ticket to a lifetime of intense adventure!  You’ll learn about scuba fundamentals, equipment and techniques.  Plus you’ll practice valuable dive skills in the swimming pool or in a shallow spot on Roatan’s reef.  This course consists of classroom work, pool skills and four open water training dives.

In as little as 3 to 4 days you can get your certification to dive anywhere in the world.  Learn at your own pace with the Open Water Diver manual and video under the supervision of your instructor.  The course is structured so that you may progress according to your own individual ability.

PRICE: $395

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