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Pigeon Cay (unique dive location)

Pigeon Cay is an isolated atoll located on the south side of the Island of Barbareta in the easternmost section of Roatán. Where is difficult for most dive operators to visit, which would give you the opportunity to enjoy the pristine, sea life, coral reef, and the secluded beach

The cay sits in the middle of a lagoon with a fringing reef nearby that slopes down into 130+ feet deep waters. Home to green turtle, Nurse Shark, lion fish, and soft corals giving you the impression to be in a jungle.

These geographical features helps produce a stunning assortment of blue hues surrounding this tiny patch of land barely peeking above sea level, which is highlighted by a pristine white sand beach on one side of the cay, and a narrow line of brush with literally three palm trees on the other.

This trip usually involves a full day trip and a one hour-long journey each way, depending on where you set sail from in Roatán, the weather conditions.

Spend a few hours at the beach sunbathing, or snorkeling, local beers, fruit rum punch, and pain killers are included, as well as snack (chips & salsa, fresh fruit, and guacamole) or a sandwich as well.

The team will be waiting for you to take you for a 2nd dive whenever you are ready, ( you can explore Barbareta drift dives or continue exploring Pigeon Cay wall.

Departure time from Pigeon Cay is at 3:00pm

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