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Dive Sites

 Most of our sites are only 10-15 minutes away. You will find spur/canyon configurations, reef pinnacles, coral gardens, ledges, overhangs, caverns,drop walls, and vertical fissures. Miles of reef in Roatán offers scuba divers uncrowded and often uncharted sites to be explored by our visitors. Large black groupers and eels are a common sight. On any given dive around Roatán, one might see a Hawksbill sea turtle or ray gracefully gliding by. Roatan’s reefs are so extensive that it would take months of daily scuba diving to see even half of the known segments!

Below you will discover some of the top sites we offer. 

GROUPERS ALLEY: Dropping in at the buoy at a depth of 20ft, you will immediately notice the amount of elk horn coral present. Following the wall down will lead you to an expansive sand patch at 60ft with small coral heads containing sea rods, finger coral and encrusting lettuce coral

MANGOOSE: this dive is a cavern leading through the reef. Unlike a cave, this cavernous space is large & open to the surface, with a fringing reef at the top allowing light to stream in. Advanced Divers

3 Crabs: Wall dive 25 ft mini-wall drop to 60 ft. lots of sponges and soft coral. There are striking canyons running through the reef & large coral boulders to swim around. This site always has many spotted drums Beginners dive

DOLPHIN’S DEN: is a cave teeming with life. The route from the mooring to the cave is over a shallow sandy bottom where many anemones, shrimps, crabs, fire-worms, pipe fish & upside-down jellyfish are to be found. King Crabs & large green Moray Eels reside inside the cave

PIGEON CAY: This popular excursion takes you to the most dramatic wall dive on Roatán, is situated away from the shore & the low population levels on the surrounding land mean this site is in almost pristine condition. There are huge numbers of fish, free-swimming green morays & some rare species to be found here.

PUNTA GORDA WALL: has a large sand patch at 35ft making it ideal for the first dive of the holiday to ease back into diving, whatever your experience level. The wall often has schools of Jacks & lone Barracuda patrolling it. There are spotted drum & spotted moray eels to be found, as well as rays & flounders in the sandy area


Price: $35 Per Person per dive


Diving Times: Everyday boat departs at 8:45 am, 10:15 am, and 1:45 pm


Included: Water • Towels • Air Scuba tank • weights • guide • dive boat trip

Not Included: Taxes • Gratuities

Maximum Group Size: 10 Per guide with a minimum age of 10 years old


Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate

Parking: Parking Available at our dive center

Please Bring: Swimsuit & Sandals  • Sunscreen/Sun Shirt • Sunglasses • Hat

Please Note: Bring your certification card and ID.

We provide lockers to store your belongings while scuba diving, or you can take your stuff with you on the dive boat.


Your guide would ask you to fill paperwork, show certification card and ID, weight need it for diving and a locker would be assign to you. 

Dive boat would have a air scuba tank and weight, your dive gear would be set up by our staff, our facilities would be showing to you. Boat briefing and roster call, boat depart to dive sites usually not more than 10-15 minutes away, throw the bay where the sea is usually calm.

Dive site briefing once you are moored and let's go diving. Once you come back onboard  you can have fresh water, fruits and towels, roster call and back to the dive center.

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